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REDOXX (3 Pack)

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Dr. Dan’s revolutionary original REDOXX formula is going to give your body support and nutrition that it simply can’t get from anywhere else!  Being loaded with antioxidant factors, trace minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, an herbal complex and more, makes REDOXX an incomparable multi-beneficial product.

Like RED CAL for your horses, REDOXX features the prized ingredient CALCIUM MONTMORILLONITE CLAY- an ancient pristine rich source of healthy salt, minerals and other trace elements.

Often referred to as “living clay” because it consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. Benefits of calcium montmorillonite minerals have been documented in research conducted by many scientists and leading universities. REDOXX offers liver support like an oil filter keeps the engine of your vehicle clean. Like that engine, your liver is the boss of the body and needs the support in today’s environment.

With calcium montmorillonite and REDOXX’s antioxidant properties working synergistically with other important ingredients, you have a product that in the words of Dr. Dan, “no one should be without”.

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