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Crypto Smart eSignals 6 Month Subscription




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If you are considering investing in any of the over 1600 Crypto Currencies that are on the market today, then Crypto Smart eSignals may be one of the most important research tools available. If you spent 1 minute per ICO, there simply isn’t enough time in the day for you to do the research that we provide. Crypto Smart eSignals is not an automated trading platform. We do not use algorithms or programmed trading. Instead we rely on our trading team which consists of 30-50 traders, each following a specific group of Crypto Currencies. Each Crypto Currency is tracked on specific criteria including news events, industry trends, published financials, etc.   When a member of the trading team spots a trend, it is immediately reviewed by a master trader who verifies the recommended trading ranges. Out of the dozens of trends spotted by our trading team, every day, only the best are released through our Crypto eSmart Signal platform. When a signal is released you will receive; a link to the relevant research, the suggested buy/sell trading ranges so that YOU can determine your level of risk.

Crypto Smart eSignals might be the best possible tool available to give you the information you need to make an informed investing decision.

Our Crypto Daily Picks Year To Date 90+% Accuracy Rate

— Access to Automated eSmartSignal Notifications: Buy and Sell Crypto picks. Our system sends you all the notifications, recommendations and alerts thru our automated system direct to your smartphone or computer. Depending on market conditions, upi will receive an average of 40+ signals per month consisting of the top crypto coins on the market.

— Market analysis and breaking news about the most highly traded altcoins on a continual basis
— Access to our learning library: You will have access to over 300 learning modules and tutorials. Discounted rates for one on one real time training with our top trader which includes tutorial with Q&A.
— You’ll get free access to a bi-weekly live web class and technical tutorial by our top traders.
— Membership plans for $900 for a 6 month smart contract makes our service the most competitive in the industry.

All members can actively promote our service and earn commission on every referral through our affiliate program, Plus earn commissions and bonuses on 5 levels of people their people refer.



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