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CEO’s, CFO’s and others in the C-Suite are increasing the net profit of their company by moving their payment processing to CardConnect JustGetOnline.

Savings are achieved because they are joining a portfolio of over $30 billion in annual transactions. The collective volume drives the lower card processing rates.


Happy Customers before, during and after the transactions.

Understand the customer needs at every step of the journey to their decision to buy from you, should be a high priority.  Our advanced analytics suite of products reveal details about how customers interact with your brand before, during and after conducting their transactions.

Having a clear view of the customer’s journey allows you the opportunity to shape that journey to grow your business through educating them on why you are their best choice.

Find Out How Much You Can Save!

From supporting small start-ups processing moderate credit card purchases to large corporations conducting millions of dollars of transactions per month, our volume, expertise, and longevity in this sphere will enable you to streamline your operations while gleaning “found” revenue, at no cost to you!

Your firm benefits financially and moves into the most technologically advanced arena related to payments, data synchronization, reports and customer service. Moreover, you will discover a suite of Analytics services to enhance your customer base. Completing this section could launch the most valuable ROI of your business strategies!

NOTE: Your data will be respected with the utmost confidentiality by our top-tier team, and will be held within our secure system vault, subject to US Privacy Laws


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